Week Name Description
PART I: FOUNDATION File Module 1: Introduction to Personal Finance
File Module 2: Opportunity Costs

Module 2-Power Points -Opportunity Costs

File Module 4: Time Value of Money
PART II: FINANCIAL PLANNING File HSF-Module 5: Personal Financial Statements

Module 4 Power Points: Personal Financial Statements

File HSF-Modules 6: Goals
File HSF Modules 7: Budgeting
File HSF-Modules 8- Tax Basics
File HSF-Module 9-Federal Income Taxes

Module 9 Power Points: Federal Income Tax

File HSF-Module 11-Financial Services

Module 11 Power Points: Financial Services

File Assignment Solutions
Module summary and reconciliation assignment solutions
File HSF-Module 12-Investments Basics
File HSF-Module 13-Bonds

Module 13 Power Points: Bonds

File HSF-Modules 14-Stocks
File HSF-Module 15:-Mutual Funds

Module 14 Power Points: Mutual Funds

File HSF-Modules 16: Retirement Planning
PART IV:INSURANCE File HSF-Module 17: Introduction to Insurance

Module 17 Power Points: Introduction to Insurance 

File HSF-Module 18: Property and Casualty Insurance
File HSF-Module 19: Life Insurance

Module 19 Power Points: Life Insurance

File HSF Module 20 Health Insurance
File HSF-Module 21: Disability Insurance

Module 21 Power Points: Disability Insurance

PART V: CREDIT File HSF-Module 23: Consumer Credit

Module 23 Power Points: Consumer Credit 

File HSF Modules 24-Meaning of Your Credit Score
File HSF-Module 25: Student Loans

Module 25 Power Points: Student Loans

File HSF Module 26: Debt
PART VI: CONSUMER PURCHASES File HSF-Module 27: Making Smart Purchases

Module 27 Power Points: Making Smart Purchases

File HSF-Modules 28-Purchasing a Car
File HSF-Module 29-Rent or Buy
Module 29 Power Points: Rent or Buy?
File HSF-Module 30: Buying a Home